Real Estate In The Florida Keys

Florida Keys Real Estate agentsMoving to the Florida Keys is like a dream come true for most people. You get to live out your life in an eternal paradise of sun, sand, and fun. But do not assume that all of the keys are the same, as each island holds many different cities; each of these islands offers a beautiful and unique experience. One such city that may appease your curiosity is that of Marathon. Marathon real estate is quickly becoming the new hot spots for those looking to have a life in this Florida Eden.

Quick History

Incorporated in 1999, Marathon earned its name due to the construction of the Florida East Coast Railroad, as the workers on the project worked night and day to complete it. This led to the project to being referred to as “a real Marathon,” which was used to name the station along the railroad.

What Does It Have to Offer?

You might be asking yourself “Why should I move to Marathon, FL?”, Or “What does Marathon have to offer me?”. Well, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should make Marathon your home.

Aesthetics- Marathon is a beautiful city, complete with community beaches, city and state parks, and even a dog park.

Health- Besides the positive effects the sun and warm weather have on the mental and physical well-being of a person, you will also have access to a local hospital and great local private physicians.

Outdoor Activities- There are two local golf courses and some of the best fishing and diving locations in Florida.

Marathon Florida Real estate

Marathon offers an extensive range of real estate from which someone can choose. We have more than 400 listings available and offer these locations with an appropriate price range correlating with them. Residents of Marathon are two hours from the mainland and can take full advantage of the Florida Keys laid back lifestyle. However, the abundance of retail and supply stores means that residents never have to drive very far for necessities. Trust in Florida Keys Real Estate to make sure that you find the perfect home for you to live out your life.